Facing deadlines and juggling multiple assignments can turn the essay writing process into a daunting challenge.

It’s happened to all of us. You’re staring at a blank screen, the clock is ticking, and ideas just aren’t flowing.

Enter the best free AI essay writers of 2024.

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly being used in the education space and is transforming how students approach their assignments.

I’ve researched to find both the best AI essay writers and the best free ones.

Read on to learn about my top 5 choices, so you can then decide which AI-powered writing tool is best for you.

What Are The Best Free AI Essay Writers?

  1. ChatGPT – Best for content creation and ideation
  2. Free AI Essay Writer – Best for basic structure and content guidance
  3. GrammarlyGO – Best for improving writing quality
  4. EditPad AI Essay Writer – Best for advanced editing tools
  5. AI Essay Bot – Best for automating the essay writing process

1. ChatGPT

best free AI essay writer

Who hasn’t heard of ChatGPT? If you’re anything like me, this was the first AI writing tool that came to your attention. Turns out it’s useful for a range of content creation, including academic work.

Key Benefits:

  • Uses cutting-edge AI to generate coherent and contextually relevant text.
  • Capable of handling various essay types and styles, from detailed academic analysis of historical events. to imaginative creative pieces like a story about an air fryer sparking a comical house fire.
  • Generates content based on specific user prompts, offering tailored writing assistance.
  • Ideation and brainstorming aids that help in overcoming writer’s block by providing ideas, outlines, and drafts.


  • Highly interactive and responsive and engages conversationally to refine and expand on essay topics.
  • Ability to change tone and writing style according to input.
  • User-friendly interface means it is easy to navigate and use, making it accessible for individuals of all skill levels.
  • Available at no cost, providing a valuable resource for students and writers.
  • Continuous Learning and Updating. ChatGPT is regularly updated to incorporate the latest advancements in AI and language processing.


  • Dependence on user inputs means that the quality of output heavily relies on the detail and clarity of user prompts.
  • Needs a stable internet connection for access and use.
  • Limited to text-based interaction, and so it cannot visually format essays or include graphical elements.
  • Important that the final product is reviewed for inaccuracies. While highly advanced, it may occasionally generate content that requires fact-checking or further verification.
  • Offers both free and paid options; the free version provides essential AI writing capabilities, while the paid version unlocks advanced features and increased interaction limits which may be required to reach academic standards.

Bottom Line:

ChatGPT, with its sophisticated language processing capabilities, stands out as a highly versatile and user-friendly AI essay writing tool.

This tool excels in generating diverse types of essays and aiding in ideation, making it a valuable asset for enhancing the writing process for students and writers.

It’s an excellent AI writer for drafting and refining essays but may require additional input for more specialized or format-specific writing tasks.

2. Free AI Essay Writer

Free AI Essay Writer stands out as a notable free essay AI assistant, leveraging advanced AI to craft well-structured and unique essays to ensure academic integrity.

Key Benefits:

  • Utilizes advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to generate high-quality essays.
  • Access to Scholarly Resources. The tool has access to a database of thousands of scholarly articles, ensuring essays include up-to-date information and authentic references.
  • Generates personalized essays with zero plagiarism.
  • Generates detailed essay outlines. Helps ensure perfect essay structure with AI-powered content summarization and outlines.


  • The interface is user-friendly, making the tool quick and simple to use.
  • Aids in skill development and helps overcome language barriers.
  • Fact-checking feature guarantees precision in the content generated.
  • Suitable for a range of users from students to professionals.
  • Has a citation generator.


  • Requires an active internet connection for use.
  • While the tool will generate and automatically write essays, additional editing may be necessary for depth and customization.
  • Primarily supports English, which could be a limitation for non-English speakers.
  • Lacks transparency in pricing. Information about the pricing is not readily available. This AI tool may not be completely free on an ongoing basis.

Bottom Line:

Free AI Essay Writer is a promising tool for those looking to enhance their essay writing process with the help of AI.

Its ability to provide well-structured, plagiarism-free essays with access to scholarly resources makes it an appealing option for students and professionals.

However, users should be prepared for potential additional editing and be aware of the limited information on pricing and language support.

3. GrammarlyGO

GrammarlyGO, part of Grammarly, enhances writing with its advanced editing tools and content generation features. It has a limited number of prompts (100) under the free Grammarly plan.

Key Benefits:

  • Grammarly’s AI-driven grammar checker excels at identifying and correcting complex grammatical errors, enhancing the clarity and effectiveness of your essays.
  • The plagiarism checker compares your text against billions of web pages, ensuring the originality and authenticity of your essays.
  • Tone detection. An innovative feature that analyzes and aligns the tone of your writing with the intended impact, crucial for maintaining the appropriate voice in academic essays.
  • Contextual writing enhancement. Grammarly not only corrects errors but enriches your writing by offering contextual style and tone suggestions, making your essays more engaging and impactful.


  • Versatility across writing styles. Adapts to a variety of contexts, from research papers to creative writing.
  • Seamless integration. Works effectively with various platforms and text editors like Google Docs.
  • Designed for easy navigation, making it accessible for all proficiency levels.
  • Goes beyond basic grammar checks to include style corrections and tone adjustments.


  • Focuses mainly on the English language, which may limit its use for non-English essays.
  • No paraphrasing or summarizing tools. Unlike some other AI tools, Grammarly does not offer paraphrasing or summarizing features.
  • Does not generate content. It enhances existing text but does not create essays from scratch.
  • Some users have experienced minor inconsistencies and lags, especially when working with longer documents.

Bottom Line:

Grammarly stands out as a comprehensive writing tool, particularly effective for refining and enhancing the quality of essays.

Its advanced grammar checking, contextual writing enhancement, and tone detection capabilities make it an invaluable asset for students and professionals.

However, it’s important to note that Grammarly is more of a writing assistant than a content generator and focuses on refining existing texts rather than creating new ones from scratch.

For those seeking a tool that also offers content generation, exploring other AI writing tools might be beneficial.

4. EditPad AI Essay Writer

AI Essay Writer is perfect for students looking for a reliable tool to help improve their essay-writing skills, especially for creating clear and coherent essays.

Key Benefits:

  • Utilizes AI to create essays, aiding in prompt completion of assignments quickly.
  • Available for use without any cost, making it accessible to all users.
  • No registration is required so it can be used immediately without the need for creating an account.
  • Bypasses AI detection and offers a feature to make essays appear less AI-generated, potentially enhancing authenticity.


  • Effective for generating quick drafts or initial ideas for essays.
  • Claims to produce unique content, reducing concerns about plagiarism.
  • Designed for ease of use, making it suitable even for those new to AI writing tools.
  • Download and copy functionality allows easy saving and copying of generated essays.


  • The quality of content in this AI essay writer may be generic and lack depth in complex topics.
  • Users have reported glitches and performance inconsistencies.
  • Limitations in free mode mean some advanced features may only be available in the paid version.
  • Lack of in-depth analysis means this AI essay writing tool may not provide the detailed analysis required for higher-level academic writing.
  • Ads visible on the home page.

Bottom Line:

EditPad’s AI Essay Writer is a practical tool for swiftly generating basic essay drafts.

Its ease of use and free access make it a convenient option for quick writing tasks.

However, the quality and depth of the content may not meet the standards required for more advanced or specialized essays.

It is a useful starting point but may require supplemental research and editing for a more polished and comprehensive essay.

5. AI Essay Bot

AI Essay Bot is a great free option for students who need assistance in the essay creation process. This tool quickly generates unique and well-informed essays on a range of topics.

Key Benefits:

  • AI Essay Bot can write essays on various topics, utilizing a vast database of knowledge.
  • Structured writing process. The AI essay writer employs a systematic approach including research, outlining, writing, and editing, ensuring well-informed and structured essays.
  • Diverse essay generator. Capable of writing different types of essays, such as descriptive, narrative, and persuasive.
  • Unique essay generation, ensuring they are free from plagiarism.


  • Professional writing quality. The essays are well-arranged with a logical flow of ideas, resembling professional writing.
  • Efficient and swift essay generation.
  • Checks for grammatical accuracy, correct punctuation and spelling, and reviews content to ensure coherent, well-structured essays.
  • Thorough plagiarism checker to ensure the originality of your work.
  • Available for free use without any subscription or account requirements.
  • Unlimited use. Users can utilize the tool as many times as needed without restrictions.


  • Requires an internet connection to operate.
  • May require additional editing. While the tool is efficient, the generated essays might still need manual editing for refinement.
  • Limited to pre-programmed knowledge. The content is limited to the knowledge programmed into the Artificial Intelligence, which might affect the depth of essay topics.

Bottom Line:

AI Essay Bot stands out as a versatile and effective tool for quickly generating essays on a variety of topics.

Its capacity to produce plagiarism-free, professionally structured essays makes it a valuable asset for students and writers.

However, users should be aware of its internet dependency and potential need for additional editing.

The tool’s free and unlimited usage makes it an attractive option for those seeking a reliable essay-writing assistant.


Are Free AI essay writers capable of handling different types of essays? 

Yes, most of these AI essay writers are versatile enough to handle different essay types, from argumentative to narrative. Their algorithms can adapt to various writing styles and requirements, making them suitable for various academic writing tasks.

How do these AI tools ensure the originality of the content?

 AI essay writers typically include built-in plagiarism checkers. They generate unique content by combining advanced AI algorithms with comprehensive databases, ensuring that your essays are both original and relevant.

Can AI essay writers replace human editing and proofreading? 

While AI essay writers are incredibly efficient in drafting and improving essays, they are not a complete replacement for human editing. It’s always recommended to review and fine-tune the final draft personally to ensure it aligns with your unique voice and adheres to specific guidelines.


Leveraging technology can significantly boost our efficiency and productivity, especially in a home working environment.

To wrap up, the top 5 free AI essay writers of 2024 each offer unique key features that can significantly enhance the essay writing process.

From speeding up the drafting phase to being a desktop research assistant and personalizing content to your style, these tools are designed to streamline your academic writing tasks.

More and more students are seeking out AI tools to help them save time and provide quality content. 

My takeaway for you is that it’s important to remember that while these AI essay writing tools are powerful in crafting well-structured and high-quality essays, they are not human writers. The final editing phase is crucial for authenticity and adherence to specific guidelines.

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