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AI-powered writing assistant that helps improve grammar, spelling, and writing style in real time.

Best For Presentations



A design powerhouse with a user-friendly interface and loads of customizable templates.

Best For Studying

quillbot best AI for students


AI-powered paraphrasing tool that maintains the original meaning to aid in content rewriting.

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There are so many new amazing AI tools for students that have been reshaping learning in schools and growing in popularity at a wild rate.

With new innovative education technology popping up daily, how can we tell which AI tools are actually helpful in cutting down the time you spend on research papers or learning course materials?

Well, that is where I come in.

After testing dozens of AI education tools, I have compiled my list of the best AI tools for students that are the best time savers. You can also check out Best AI Homework Helpers for some more AI tools.

If you are an artificial intelligence fan or new to the machine learning game, AI tools for schools can be a great way to speed up all levels of your education process and give you that edge.

What Are The Best AI Tools For Students?

  1. Grammarly – Our Top Pick For Best AI Tool
  2. Canva – Best For Presentations
  3. QuillBot – Best For Studying
  4. Content At Scale AI Detector – Best AI Detection
  5. Speechify – Best For Text-To-Speech
  6. Otter.AI – Best For Speech-To-Text
  7. TutorMe – Best For Universal Tutoring

1. Grammarly

best ai tools for students

This is definitely my favorite AI tool and my right-hand virtual learning assistant that guides me along with everything I write on almost every platform.

The web browser extension is your over-the-shoulder learning process pal.

Grammarly can help you save time by empowering the kickstart of any document with brainstorms, outlines, and fresh perspectives.

Grammarly promotes transparency in your work by guiding you to cite sources, even when utilizing generative AI.

Key Benefits

  • Jump-start your writing with brainstorms, outlines, and new perspectives in just a few clicks.
  • Identify passages requiring citations and access sourcing information. Obtain fully formatted citations from online sources seamlessly.
  • Correct typos, grammatical errors, and misplaced punctuation effortlessly.
  • Identify and rectify unclear writing, with support for rewriting entire sentences to ensure clear communication of ideas.


  • Understand the reasoning behind suggestions to enhance your writing skills.
  • Expedite assignment completion with Grammarly’s all-in-one writing skills assistance.
  • Ask Grammarly to assess your work, evaluate your thesis strength, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Maintain integrity by citing sources and using generative AI.
  • Provides insights into suggested changes, fostering continuous improvement.


  • You can’t get Grammarly to ignore every example of a correct mistake.
  • While generally reliable, Grammarly’s suggestions may only sometimes be 100% accurate.
  • The free version of Grammarly comes with noticeable, overly assertive advertising.
  • You won’t be able to edit documents offline, so you are limited if you are somewhere trying to work without an internet connection.

Bottom Line

I love Grammarly because it stands out as an essential writing tool, offering a comprehensive suite of features that not only enhance writing quality but also promote transparency, integrity, and continuous language learning.

Its efficiency, guidance in paraphrasing, and commitment to ethical writing make it a worthwhile investment for anyone aiming to submit polished, well-crafted work.

Grammarly is My favorite AI tool to help me cut down a lot of my time editing and spellchecking; the plagiarism checker is a work of art. I would be lying if I told you I’m not using it to write this article right now. Once you use it, it’s hard to go back.

2. Canva


Tailored for students seeking efficiency, Canva’s AI tools allow users to instruct the platform to generate specific presentations swiftly, surpassing the simplicity and aesthetics of traditional PowerPoint.

Key Benefits

  • Create designs, documents, and presentations swiftly, saving valuable time.
  • Use AI tools to generate specific presentations, surpassing traditional PowerPoint in ease and aesthetics.
  • Present live, record presentations for later sharing, download to PowerPoint, or publish as a responsive website for easy accessibility.


  • Collaborate within study groups, manage projects efficiently, and ace group assignments from anywhere.
  • Stay organized with schedules, outline essays, and create flashcards to retain crucial details effectively.
  • Streamline ideation, creation, review, and collaboration in one platform, fostering seamless interaction among teachers, students, and staff members.
  • Achieve personal and academic goals by building critical skills in design, digital communication, data visualization, and more.
  • Collaborate on presentations in real-time, enhancing teamwork and productivity.
  • Bring data to life by visually presenting it in beautiful and informative infographics.
  • Design posters for campaigns, lectures, events, and more on any topic, making studying enjoyable and visually dynamic.
  • Plan projects with interactive mind maps and collaborate seamlessly using various templates.


  • While Canva continually expands, constraints on templates and stock photography can be challenging for users accessing the platform without a subscription, impacting the variety and scope of available resources.
  • Users may need time to familiarize themselves with the extensive features and options available.
  • Canva’s online nature may pose limitations in offline environments.

Bottom Line

Canva emerges as the all-in-one creative and collaborative platform, revolutionizing how students approach design, presentations, and project management.

With its intuitive interface, AI-powered presentations, and many study aid AI tools, Canva saves time and transforms studying into an engaging and visually dynamic experience.

The platform’s versatility, collaborative features, diverse learning styles, and focus on skill development make it an essential tool for you if you’re looking to excel academically while honing creative and collaborative professional development skills.

3. Quillbot


QuillBot is an AI tool that empowers users to cut writing time by more than half, offering AI-powered paraphrasing that enhances fluency and ensures appropriate vocabulary, tone, and style for any occasion.

Key Benefits

  • State-of-the-art AI technology efficiently rewrites sentences, paragraphs, or articles.
  • Adjust vocabulary changes with precision, from more accurate to more creative outputs.
  • Access AI suggested synonyms for any word in the paraphrase, enhancing word choice.
  • Improve fluency and readability, and display essential information like word count and percent change.


  • Reduce writing time by providing quick paraphrasing and rewriting options.
  • Unlimited Custom modes and eight predefined modes offer flexibility in rephrasing text.
  • Integrated into most web browsers, making it accessible across different platforms.
  • The AI-powered thesaurus feature suggests synonyms and can help you diversify and enrich your vocabulary.
  • The paraphrasing tool is free and user-friendly.
  • No login is required, and there are no interruptions from ads— QuillBot online learning starts as soon as you load the site.


  • Only two writing modes are available for free users, restricting access to the full range of features.
  • The platform does not offer OpenAI GPT AI writing, limiting specific advanced capabilities.
  • Lacks an AI content detection feature.
  • The paraphrasing process may require manual intervention, reducing full automation.
  • Both free and paid plans have character limitations.

Bottom Line

QuillBot emerges as a versatile and powerful AI-driven paraphrasing tool, offering a user-friendly experience for enhancing writing efficiency.

With its customizable modes, synonym precision, and seamless integration with popular writing tools, QuillBot can be diverse and valuable in the educational landscape.

While the free version has some limitations, the platform remains a valuable resource for quick and effective paraphrasing. So, if you want to improve your writing productivity and creativity, this is the one for you.

4. Content @ Scale AI Detector

content@ scale

The Content at Scale AI Detector was Tailored with students in mind.

This AI tool is a time-saving marvel, utilizing natural language processing and a meticulously trained AI model to detect patterns, forecast word choices, and comprehend sentence structure, significantly boosting AI writing efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • Transforms AI writing into seamlessly human-like content, minimizing the risk of detection.
  • Streamlines the detection process with an easy-to-understand overall yes/no/maybe scoring system.
  • The Pro Version ensures AI-generated content is indistinguishable from human writing, safeguarding against detection.


  • The simplified scoring system offers a quick and precise assessment of AI writing, saving you valuable time.
  • The sentence-by-sentence highlight provides detailed insights.
  • Tailored for students, the tool streamlines the writing process, allowing more focus on content creation and less on detection intricacies.
  • Incorporate cutting-edge natural language processing and a well-trained AI model for enhanced detection precision.


  • You may need time to adapt to the advanced features and nuanced scoring system.
  • As with any AI tools for students and AI writing tools, ethical considerations arise regarding potential misuse.
  • The Pro Version can be a dip or two into the old wallet.

Bottom Line

The AI Detector is an indispensable asset for students seeking to enhance their AI writing efficiency while producing content virtually indistinguishable from human writing.

With a user-friendly scoring system, detailed detection insights, and a commitment to time-saving technology, this tool is a strategic investment if you aim to optimize your writing process without compromising quality and student performance data.

5. Speechify


Speechify is the top-rated AI text-to-speech app, boasting 250k 5-star reviews. This powerful program effortlessly converts written text into natural-sounding spoken words, offering a seamless experience for users.

Key Benefits

  • 100+ lifelike voices with multilingual support, including exclusive licenses for voices like Snoop Dogg and Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • Improves focus, reading speed, and retention of information, making reading more enjoyable and efficient.
  • Use your cellphone camera to read textbooks, books, research papers, worksheets, and even recipes!


  • Type, paste, and edit text, or easily drag and drop Word, Text, or PDF files after creating an account.
  • Trusted by some of the world’s most significant educational institutions.
  • Read PDFs and articles with advanced AI voices, offering dozens of options to suit individual preferences.
  • The free plan provides substantial features, including a speed of up to 250 words per minute.
  • Available across various platforms, including online text editor, Google Chrome Extension, web app, iOS app, Mac Desktop app, and Android app.
  • Particularly beneficial for users aiming to enhance reading speed or those dealing with conditions like ADHD or dyslexia.


  • The one-time payment for premium tools may be expensive, warranting careful consideration.
  • While the free plan offers substantial features, the maximum speed of 250 words per minute might be restrictive for users seeking faster text-to-speech capabilities.
  • Speechify’s functionality heavily relies on the Internet.
  • The customization options, such as voice choices and reading speed, are more limited in the free version.
  • Given the nature of converting text to speech, you might have some privacy concerns.

Bottom Line

Speechify has earned its reputation as the leading AI text-to-speech app, offering various features and voices.

From educational institutions to individuals looking to enhance their reading experience, Speechify provides a versatile and user-friendly solution.

While the premium tools come with a price tag to consider, the free plan and extensive feature set make it a valuable tool for you if you’re exploring ways to improve reading efficiency, comprehension, and accessibility.

6. Otter.AI

Otter.AI is a revolutionary project management tool designed to streamline note-taking and meeting summarization, boasting a remarkable 30x faster pace. Collaborate seamlessly with teammates using live transcripts, where you can add comments, highlight key points, and assign action items.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerate note-taking and meeting summarization processes by an impressive 30 times.
  • Collaborate with teammates in real time using live transcripts, adding comments, highlighting essential points, and assigning action items.
  • Real-time captions and notes for in-person and virtual lectures, classes, or meetings.
  • Record audio, generate notes, capture action items, and produce real-time summaries during meetings.


  • Connect Otter to Google or Microsoft Calendar for automatic meeting joining and recording on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.
  • Follow meeting live on the web, iOS, or Android app, ensuring accessibility from various devices.
  • Chat with Otter and teammates during meetings, asking questions and receiving instant answers.
  • Real-time summaries during meetings, enabling leisurely catch-up on missed content. After the meeting, it emails the summary, saving time reviewing the entire transcript.


  • AI-generated transcripts may contain more errors than human-made ones.
  • There is no option for human transcription.
  • Otter works predominantly in English and may encounter accent difficulties.

Bottom Line

Otter.AI is a game-changer in note-taking and meeting summarization, offering unparalleled speed and efficiency.

While it excels in many aspects, just be aware of potential transcription errors, the absence of human transcription options, and language limitations.

7. TutorMe


Specifically designed for K-12 schools and districts, TutorMe ensures equitable access to a personalized learning experience by connecting students with highly qualified tutors for 1:1 support, available whenever and wherever they need assistance.

Key Benefits

  • TutorMe facilitates students connecting with tutors tailored to their specific needs. Whether tackling a challenging algebra equation, seeking a confidence boost, or exploring advanced topics, students find an exact match with TutorMe.
  • TutorMe’s thriving community comprises thousands of vetted and highly qualified tutors. These tutors supplement the differentiated support students need both during and after the school day.
  • Schools partnering with TutorMe ensure students can access an always-available expert to guide them through their learning journey. The platform’s recruitment, vetting, and management of thousands of tutors across disciplines ensure instant support availability.


  • TutorMe integrates seamlessly into classrooms, complementing the efforts of teachers by providing highly qualified tutors. This collaboration relieves educators of the sole responsibility of delivering differentiated instruction.
  • Trusted by school and district leaders, TutorMe addresses unfinished learning and supplements acceleration strategies. The platform’s award-winning product and support simplify the deployment of high-impact tutoring for all students.


  • The application review process can take up to a month.
  • The competition to claim matched students operates on a first-come, first-served basis, which may pose challenges for both students and tutors.

Bottom Line 

TutorMe emerges as a robust online platform facilitating personalized learning experiences through 1:1 online tutoring.

With a focus on matching students with suitable tutors and supporting educators in delivering differentiated instruction and tailored support to language learners, TutorMe is a valuable resource for schools, districts, and educational institutions.

However, you should be aware of potential challenges, including the impact on student progress, social skills, and the competitive nature of claiming matched students.


What Are AI Tools For School?

AI tools for school are digital online platforms that use AI to help with your school work. This can be in the form of helping you write notes, study, or complete an assignment with perfect writing.

How Can Students Use an AI Tool to Save Time?

Students can optimize their academic routines and reclaim valuable time using AI tools.

The efficiency of AI-driven language translation, research organization tools, and visual design platforms contribute to a more time-effective and productive student experience.

Students can enhance efficiency and create more time for other essential activities by integrating these AI tools into their daily academic routines.

How Does Machine Learning Affect Students Performance?

Through automated grading, early intervention strategies, and the development of advanced educational tools, machine learning enhances efficiency and engagement.

The data-driven insights from machine learning contribute to informed decision-making for educators and institutions, optimizing resource allocation, empowering students, and refining teaching methodologies.

While machine learning holds promise for improving educational outcomes, careful consideration of privacy, algorithmic bias, and maintaining teacher-student interactions is essential.

Can AI Tools For Students Be A Bad Thing?

Concerns include potential biases in algorithms, a one-size-fits-all approach that may not cater to diverse learning styles, and overreliance on technology, hindering critical thinking skills.

Privacy issues, accessibility challenges for students with disabilities, and financial barriers to accessing advanced AI tools are also considerations.

Striking a balance and addressing these concerns is vital to ensure that AI tools contribute positively to the educational experience for all students.


Just like your favorite pen, AI tools are an essential part of your digital ‘pencil case’. The tools above, especially our top pick Grammarly, will help you score better faster.

These seven tools aren’t just tech; they’re your secret weapons for saving time and supercharging your learning experience.

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