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Miko 3

A smart AI robot designed for kids fun, learning, and entertainment.

Best For Aspiring Coders



A self-build robotic arm on wheels programmable with Python.

Best For Active Kids



A whippy AI dinosaur is controllable by motion, app, or trackball.

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Robots sound pretty Sci-Fi…right? Well, I suppose they are. 

However, if your family is playing with one in your living room, it seems less Hollywood and more like a pet. 

Robots have become increasingly popular for good reasons. They are fun, interactive, and have AI capabilities that allow them to respond with freakish accuracy. They are also a great way to give your family a real-life class in AI.

There are a lot of good ones out there and the number is only growing. I’ve vetted the best ones by analyzing over 30 personal robots on the market right now.

Look forward to coming home to an AI robot puppy or an AI desktop pet, without the smelly pet food. 

What Are The Best AI Robots?

  1. Miko Best overall
  2. HIWONDERBest for aspiring coders
  3. MiposaurBest for active kids
  4. Vonset AI Robot Dog PuppyBest for dog lovers
  5. EilikBest for work-from-home-ers
  6. Twin Science Autonomous Vehicle KitBest for LEGO fans
  7. ROYBI RobotBest for learning and emotional intelligence

1. Miko 3

Miko is a smart AI robot designed for kids. Its face is displayed on a screen that can be doubled up, well, as a screen, for watching, games, and more.

The facial recognition feature is amazing and can recognize faces and expressions with an accurate response. 

I think the coolest thing about Miko is that because it uses artificial intelligence, it adapts to the person using it and learns from all the interactions you and your family have with it. 

This home robot is a great tool to learn from as well as entertaining. It is especially great for younger kids

Key Benefits

  • Miko can dance, and encourage creative thinking, imagination, and interpersonal skills.
  • Offers play-based learning experiences with a variety of educational content and games.
  • Provides the ability to make video calls and engage in interactive activities like dancing and storytelling.
  • Regular updates with fresh content every 15 days keep the robot engaging and up to date.
  • Data security is ensured through end-to-end encryption, and user data is not stored on the company’s server or cloud.
  • Miko Max subscription gives you access to 50k+ hours of premium content, 1000+ games, educational videos, stories, puzzles, music, and basic coding classes.


The price of the Miko 3 Robot is $249. A Miko Max subscription costs $89 / year or $49 / 3 months.


  • The battery life is similar to some tablets and requires charging fairly frequently. There is probably enough juice in it when it’s fully charged to keep kids going between school and bedtime.  
  • The games are sweet, but probably only best suited to kids under 10. 

Bottom Line

Miko 3 is an excellent option if you are looking for an interactive AI companion for imaginative kids. It’s an awesome upgrade to a tablet that actually gets your kids on their feet and moving while playing and learning.

The Miko Max subscription also gives the robot extra features similar to Netflix or Disney + subscriptions (with kid-only content). 

2. HIWONDER Raspberry Pi 5DOF

If you or your kids are vaguely interested in robotics and coding, this is the robot for your family. The HIWONDER has a 5DOF robotic arm on a truck, offering a vast amount of applications. 

As a self-build project, it gives kids and adults a hands-on experience of building a robot from scratch and then programming code to control it. 

For teens who love gadgets and AI-powered robots, HIWONDER is a great option. The robot can be programmed with Python and the HD camera on the end of the arm gives the robot a ‘first person’ perspective, great for creating your video content. 

The arm has incredible control and grip which allows you to move objects around with ease. Think about it this way – it can bring you your homework from across the room or a cookie from the kitchen (I haven’t tested this idea yet!)

Key Benefits

  • Smart vision robot car with Raspberry Pi technology with mecanum wheel chassis for versatile movement.
  • The movement of the wheels and arm can be controlled by an app supported by iOS or Android. 
  • Play color-sorting games with the blocks that come with the robotics kit. 
  • The robot requires building with easy-to-follow instructions. The robot comes with basic Python courses, teaching you how to use code in real-life applications. 
  • HIWONDER’s ultrasonic sensor allows it to avoid obstacles when moving around. 


The price of HIWONDER is $199.99


  • The Raspberry Pi board, 2 18650 batteries, and MicroSD card are not included in the package. 
  • The robot is self-build, so not suitable for those who aren’t into following instructions and building kits. 

Bottom Line

HIWONDER is an awesome introduction to robots and artificial intelligence for beginners. It provides a hands-on experience of both building and programming a robot with great lessons.

Well worth the spend for those who wish to potentially progress a career or hobby into the field of robotics. 

3. Wowee MiPosaur

The MiPosaur is a self-learning remote and motion-controlled dinosaur on wheels that whizzes around based on your hand movements. 

Other motion controls include a trackball and a personal device app downloadable from iOS and Play Store.

WowWee is really sturdy too so it can roll around and handle a few knocks from boisterous kids and kinetic learners. 

MiPosaur is a robot perfect for both young and older kids (even adults will love to have a go!) It’s so awesome that this top personal robot has already made my kid’s birthday wish list. 

Key Benefits

  • Offers a wide range of functions and controls, providing active play.
  • You can select battle, dance, or path mode, making it enjoyable for both kids and grown-up robotics fans.
  • Full remote control via the app allows you to draw its movement path, feed it, and play with it. 
  • The trackball accessory enables modes like Leash and Ball, and interactive play with virtual snacks and toys.


The price of WowWee Miposaur is $199.99.


  • As a robot powered by AI and machine learning, it may take some patience for it to learn from your movements. It takes trial and error to help it understand your hand commands. 
  • Requires plenty of space to roam and play, which may be a limitation in smaller rooms or homes.
  • The toy’s responsiveness may be affected on longpile carpet floors.
  • It is powered by AA batteries, so unless you are using rechargeable ones, it can be frustrating to need to replace them. 

Bottom Line

The MiPosaur is not just for kids – it’s great fun for adults too. It’s a whippy little dinosaur that is akin to a super-intelligent remote control car.

It’s perfect for both little kids and teenagers as a family robot. 

4. Vonset AI Robot Dog Puppy

This AI robot dog is a gorgeous digital pet. 

My son loves dogs, but he loves this more because it’s like having a dog without having to clean up the hair or poop (or maybe that’s why I love it). This robot dog toy responds to commands, keeps your lonely (real) pet company, and is a great toy to keep your kids occupied.

So rather than going to get your kids a real dog for their birthday, get this little robot instead. Save a ton of time and money too. No dog trainer, no pet food, no vet bills. Just new-fashioned robot doggy love. 

Key Benefits

  • Made of ABS environmentally friendly material, Puppy is safe, non-toxic, and non-polluting.
  • Suitable for indoor play for kids aged 3-8.
  • Controlled by an app downloadable on iOS and Play Store.  
  • Interacts like a real dog responding to commands and (here’s where it’s better than a real dog) also teaches kids the basics of AI programming.
  • Has a  3.7v 400mAh rechargeable battery for up to 1 hour of playtime. 


The current price for Puppy is $149.99.


  • Without becoming familiar with the features, you may become frustrated with the robot’s capabilities. Take a bit of time to read the manual before screaming things at it. 
  • The 1 hour of playtime will go pretty quickly, so you may have to charge the pup every morning before the kids get up and before they come home from school. 

Bottom Line

This robot Puppy is a great addition to any home.

Keeps the kids entertained screen-free whilst also getting a new member of the family. 

5. Eilik

Described as a ‘little desktop companion bot with endless fun”, Eilik is great for those work-from-home days. This companion robot can sit next to your laptop whilst you plug away and give you something to procrastinate with when you get bored.

It has touch and movement sensors so that Eilik will show if it’s happy, sad, annoyed, or scared. 

What I love most about Eilik is that if you have two or more Eiliks and click them together, they react to each other and can keep themselves (and you) very entertained. 

The battery life for Eilik is decent too, giving you and your family extended playtime. 

Key Benefits

  • Offers a wide range of expressions and movements where it dances to music and shows that it is scared of heights. 
  • The original Eilik comes with 5 pieces of food. You can buy extra accessories, including food, outfits, and holiday-themed DIY vinyl sets. 
  • You can play old-school games on Eilik’s face which converts to a mini screen. 
  • Link it to your computer to download more content onto the robot. 
  • A countdown timer and alarm are available to help with your work. 


The price of Eilik Robot is $139.99


  • The robot is stationary so does not have the same mobility and interactivity as some other robots. 
  • If you do have Eilik on during work, it will distract you and you may not get anything done!

Bottom Line

Eilik is great for anyone who needs a bit of company and distraction during the day. It can be a great way to relieve stress after a bad meeting or a super cute timekeeper for those who need a bit of reminding. 

6. Twin Science Autonomous Vehicle Kit

This is unbelievable for kids and adults who want to understand how autonomous vehicles are made and how they work.

If your wants to enhance their current LEGO collection, this is a great way to revive odd pieces whilst learning how about robotics through hands-on experience. They can build the autonomous vehicle and then control it with a personal device through a downloadable app.

Key Benefits

  • All the kit is provided with easy-to-follow instructions and guidance, supported by Youtube video tutorials.
  • Control the vehicle with block visual coding similar to Scratch via the twin coding app.
  • There is both a control mode and autonomous mode where kids can train their vehicle to avoid any obstacles in its way as they learn to apply the fundamentals of coding and robotics.


The price of the Autonomous Vehicle is $299.99


  • Batteries are not included.
  • The instructions have been translated into English making some of the steps a bit tricky to understand. The Youtube tutorials are a brilliant way to supplement the paper guide.

Bottom Line

LEGO lovers will adore this robotic vehicle for its hands-on building and coding. Even though it is designed for ages 11 – 14, it can definitely be given as a gift for older kids who love LEGO and want to be introduced to coding. 

7. ROYBI Robot

ROYBI Robot is an emotionally intelligent robot designed to support your child’s education as well as their mental health. This digital companion can spot if your child is happy or sad and relate to them accordingly. 

The companion app allows parents to design game-based lessons on the robot including languages, STEM, and even emotion management. ROYBI interacts with people using voice and face recognition. 

As well as being an interactive toy for kids, I think ROYBI is an incredible educational tool to have at home. 

Key Benefits

  • ROYBI offers over 500 lessons and 70 categories, covering subjects like literature, math, culture, biology, emotions, and more.
  • Fun and interactive lessons through stories, songs, and games.
  • Parent app for full control and monitoring of the child’s progress.
  • No subscription is required for access to educational content.
  • Offers a screen-free learning experience.
  • Specialized content and support for kids with special needs. 


The price of ROYBI Robot is $122.71


  • Initial setup might require a separate email account for each child’s profile.
  • When all the kids in the house are screaming around ROYBI, there may be difficulties for it to understand voice commands. Noisy environments aren’t conducive to its operation. 
  • Limited content for older kids, with a focus on ages 3-8.

Bottom Line

ROYBI is perfectly suited to your more introverted children. The robot has an incredible level of emotional intelligence and is able to respond to their mental state. It is designed with education in mind, so perfect for kids who may need extra support with their schoolwork. 

The Future of AI Robots

The future of AI robots is incredibly promising. As technology continues to advance, we can expect even more sophisticated and capable robots. AI robots will become increasingly integrated into our daily lives, as toys, therapeutic tools, and helpers around the house. 

Emerging trends in AI robotics include the development of robots with high emotional intelligence, advanced speech recognition and natural language processing, and improved physical capabilities. As AI algorithms become more refined, robots will better understand and respond to human emotions, facilitating deeper and more meaningful interactions.


Robots are the big thing in home technologies and will only advance as AI and robotics improve. These 7 new robots are great to have at home and will provide your family with both entertainment and a real-life application of AI. 

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