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AI flashcards and study tools to help you ace those quizzes and exams.

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You’ve got that math assignment due tomorrow. 

Have you started? Sort of. But you really struggle in math so it’s hard to find the motivation to get it done. 


You have an English paper which needs to be done by next week. 

Sometimes you find it challenging to get the words on the screen. 

We’ve all been there (even I have for my blog!) 

AI homework helper tools are an affordable and easy way to meet deadlines, improve the quality of your work, get better grades and…even do your chores? Well, not yet – search HOME-WORK helpers for that!

I’ve sifted through a wide range of AI homework helper tools and refined the list to my top picks set out below. 

What Are The Best AI Homework Helpers?

  1. Thinkster Best for personalized math support
  2. GrammarlyBest for writers everywhere
  3. QuizletBest for study aids
  4. QuillbotBest for languages
  5. PhotomathBest for instant math solutions
  6. SocraticBest for all subjects across the board
  7. TutorEvaBest for explaining math problems

1. Thinkster

Thinkster combines the benefits of expert human tutoring with AI to provide personalized education. 

The app has a math focus but also provides support in STEM, reading, and more. 

The platform focuses on enhancing students’ understanding of math through interactive worksheets, real-time feedback, and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Thinkster’s unique approach to education blends traditional teaching methods with AI, making it an effective tool for improving math skills and boosting student confidence.

Key Benefits

  • Each plan is personalized to student needs. There is a range of support from self-learning options to private tuition and intensive courses.
  • The app provides interactive and adaptive worksheets that provide immediate feedback.
  • Access to experienced tutors for personalized guidance and support.
  • Advanced analytics to monitor student performance and improvement.
  • Convenient and flexible tutoring sessions to fit into student schedules.
  • There are regular updates and insights for parents to track their child’s progress.


Thinkster provides four different plans:

  1. The free option is for self-guided learning including a student skills assessment, worksheets, and games
  2. The Premier League starts at $20/month which includes unlimited worksheets, games, video tutorials, and a monthly call with a math tutor for high-level support.
  3. All-stars coaching starts at $24/session which includes coaching calls with a tutor and an AI learning lab coach who will adapt the learning material to the student. There is also a money-back guarantee for any dissatisfaction with the service. 
  4. Courses and classes range from $28 – $84 per session to cover coding, logic, and other STEM group classes. There are also high school tutoring bundles for students who need 1:1 help. 


  • Lots of notifications may make it distracting for some students
  • There are lots of worksheets which may be overwhelming for students who struggle. Some parents have said that a select few worksheets would be preferable to a huge volume.

Bottom Line

Thinkster is great for students who need more support in math and other subjects.

The monthly plans provide good value for private 1:1 tutoring, ideal for students who need both self-guided study as well as help from a professional teacher. 

I love that the service is on-demand and can help my kids when they really need it at the level they need.  

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is a writing assistant that uses AI to improve your writing. The AI tool offers real-time corrections and suggestions to improve grammar, syntax, punctuation, and style.

It provides recommendations on the clarity, engagement, and delivery of your text acting as a 24/7 digital writing tutor.

The platform caters to all forms of writing, including essays, presentations, and creative writing. 

Grammarly even claims that 94% of students who use the tool saw an improvement in their grades. 

Key Benefits

  • The plagiarism checker scans billions of web pages to ensure the originality of your content.
  • Offers a tone detector that analyzes your writing and provides feedback on the tone of your message. 
  • Allows users to set specific goals related to audience, formality, and intent to tailor the writing experience.
  • Advanced features like readability and genre-specific writing styles are available in Grammarly Premium. 
  • Offers recommendations to improve vocab and sentence structure based on the context. 
  • Grammarly is available as a browser extension, desktop app, and mobile keyboard integrating seamlessly into your writing process.


The free version is brilliant. Premium is even better for those who do more essay-based subjects. It costs $30/month or $144/year ($12/month) for the annual subscription. 


  • Grammarly is just a tool so it’s important to check all of the suggestions before agreeing to the changes.
  • In some cases, the suggestions don’t make sense or don’t apply the style you are trying to write with. 
  • It may state that something ‘is not correct’ when it actually is.
  • It hates adverbs like just and really, the passive voice, and using if clauses at the beginning of a sentence.

Bottom Line

I am not only recommending this as an AI homework helper. Everyone should get Grammarly, not just students. 

Grammarly is one of the best tools out there to enhance your writing. It has its limitations like all AI tools, but it’s really worth having on your computer. 

This AI tool is the ‘spell-check’ for the 2020s. It is so fundamental for anyone writing anything to have a tool like Grammarly installed so that they can be sure that their work makes sense and is grammatically correct. 

Grammarly is a must-have for all students and non-students alike. 

3. Quizlet

Quizlet offers AI-powered study aid tools to help students learn and memorize information.  

Remember those yellow flashcards that would take ages to write up? Don’t bother with those anymore. 

Quizlet turns your notes into flashcards, quizzes, and interactive games to make learning enjoyable and effective. 

The study aids are catered to all learning styles and allow students to share their notes with others. 

With any test coming up, you better get Quizlet on your mobile device ASAP. 

Key Benefits

  • Quizlet offers a vast collection of user-created study materials across numerous subjects. You can also add your own notes to supplement the material. 
  • Includes flashcards, quizzes, and games to cater to every learning style. 
  • The app monitors learning progress and identifies areas needing improvement.
  • Students can share and collaborate on study material with classmates or teachers.
  • Q-Chat feature can either quiz you or act as your study coach. 
  • Mobile app is available on iOS and Play Store.
  • Available in over 100 languages!


The free option has limited features but is a good basic tool to get started. For premium, there are two plans: $6.99/month and $31.99/ year (works out to be $2.66/month). There is also a group option for the annual plan where you can buy with friends and make up to 15% savings. 


  • There is no way to verify that the existing information sets on Quizlet are correct, so sometimes it cannot be relied on. 
  • Ads are included in the free version making it difficult for some students to concentrate. 
  • Mainly focused on rote learning necessary for the current education system. Does not embed applied knowledge. 

Bottom Line

Quizlet provides a new way to learn for quizzes and tests.

Not only will the app help you with your homework, but also help you learn quickly and effectively in a fun way. 

Away with the old-school flashcards and incoming interactive and gamified tools to help you study. 

4. Quillbot


Similar to Grammarly, QuillBot is an AI-driven writing tool that improves your writing. 

It integrates seamlessly into all of your working platforms and has all of the features you would expect.

Where it differs from other writing tools is its multi-language tool, offering grammar and sentence formulation in over 20 languages. It also has a brilliant citation tool making it perfect for students. 

Key Benefits

  • The paraphrasing tool rewords text to suit various contexts and writing styles Offers multiple modes for rewording text to suit various contexts and writing styles.
  • Brilliant user interface on both desktop and mobile making it perfect for on-the-go working. 
  • Custom modes and a synonym slider provide control over the amount of paraphrasing needed. 
  • It has the ability to write in different languages which makes it an ideal AI homework helper for both language students and an international audience. 
  • Seamlessly integrates with Chrome, Word, Google Docs, and other platforms for efficient writing and editing.
  • Includes a summarizer, plagiarism checker, and citation generator to support all writing stages.


The free option is a great starter package. For premium, there are three plans: $19.95/month, $79.95/every 6 months (works out to be $13.33/month), and $99.95/ year (works out to be $8.33/month). 


  • Advanced features are restricted to Premium users. The free package is quite limited in its usage. 
  • The integration with other platforms is not so seamless. I found it a bit clunky and not as easy to use as the web platform. 
  • Sometimes there are technical glitches and the tool does not accept the text when copied. I would love it if there was an offline version so that I could access Quillbot without wifi. 

Bottom Line

Unlike Grammarly, Quillbot offers lots of alternative options for paraphrasing and allows you to control how much alteration you need to your text. 

I love that it provides really good value for money as an alternative to Grammarly.

With its citation tool and translation feature, Quillbot will greatly enhance your learning experience. 

5. Photomath 

Photomath is a cutting-edge mobile app that uses AI to simplify math problems.

The user-friendly app allows students to take photos of math equations and it instantly answers questions.  

Photomath aims to give students better skills to solve math by breaking down each step for solving problems. The tool uses artificial intelligence to help make the learning process tailored and interactive, making math more accessible for everyone.

Available on multiple platforms, Photomath is an invaluable tool for students ranging from middle school to college.

Key Benefits

  • Users take photos of either handwritten or printed math problems. The app then provides detailed step-by-step explanations on how to solve it with different approaches.
  • Features a built-in calculator that performs real-time calculations as you type.
  • Works without an internet connection, making it accessible anywhere.
  • Covers a wide range of mathematical topics including algebra, calculus, statistics, and more.
  • Available for download on iOS and Android. 
  • If the scanner gets the numbers wrong, you are able to edit them with the smart calculator feature. 


There is a free option with very limited features. Monthly subscription for $9.99/month and annual subscription for $69.99/year.


  • Not good at solving word math problems. Really only designed to recognize formulae and number sentences. 
  • There isn’t a way to copy and paste the answer if you have a follow-up question. 
  • The free version is very limited in its capabilities with no free trial option for Photomath Plus. 

Bottom Line

I love Photomath as a parent because it helps me help my kids with their homework.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done any pure non-applied math. This is a great way for me to refresh my memory while constructively giving my kids the answer with help on how to get there. 

I can sit with them and talk them through the solution. 

This is perfect for kids who need support in their math studies but cannot afford a private tutor.

6. Socratic

Socratic by Google is a platform that provides students with detailed explanations for their questions, educational resources, and step-by-step guidance in a variety of subjects.

It leverages Google’s AI technology to interpret questions and present clear, helpful answers. Students are able to get reliable responses on their mobile devices instantly. 

Students just need to take a photo of a question on an assignment, crop it, and hit search.

The app displays anything from basic web search results to expert answers or solutions from Socratic’s own web platform. It’s a homework search that is fully geared towards the assignment you need help with. 

Key Benefits

  • Understands homework questions and gives instant explanations and resources.
  • Socratic offers across mathematics, science, literature, social studies, and more.
  • The app shows step-by-step solutions and diagrams to enhance understanding.
  • It gives access to reliable educational websites, videos, and definitions.
  • Socratic is accessible to all by providing a voice recognition feature. This means that students who struggle with typing or writing can speak in their questions instead. 
  • Supports multiple languages giving access to non-English students. 
  • Available on iOS and Play Store




  • While the app is generally accurate and offers learning opportunities beyond a correct answer, it is best used in moderation and not as an ‘easy way out’ for students. 
  •  The app’s privacy policy doesn’t permit users younger than 13 without a parent or guardian’s supervision.

Bottom Line

Rather than spending hours on Google to find answers, use Socratic.

It is geared towards making learning easier and more accessible. The results are tailored towards homework assignments and the fact that it’s free makes it an obvious choice as an AI homework helper. 

7. TutorEva


TutorEva is an AI-powered math homework helper.

For students who still get stuck with their personalized AI tutor, they can be paired with a human tutor who will respond to questions immediately. 

This is better than a study partner or private tutor. TutorEva is available 24/7 to help with math up to all levels. 

The app provides resources for subjects like science and business, but it is primarily focused on math solutions. 

Key Benefits

  • Uses AI to offer instant help by breaking down the math problem step by step. 
  • Monitors progress with detailed reports and feedback to guide learning.
  • Connects students with expert tutors for one-on-one help 3 times per month. 
  • DocSolver allows users to upload assignments or test papers and get answers with step-by-step explanations in one click. 
  • Provides a library of resources including video lessons, practice questions, and study guides.


The free option is great for those who only need limited support. For TutorEva Plus, there are three plans: $14.99/month, $35.99/every 3 months (works out to be $12/month), and $89.99/ year (works out to be $7.50/month). 


  • The free option only allows for 3 questions a day which can be very limiting for students on a tight budget
  • Like all AI tools, sometimes the calculations may not be accurate 100% of the time. Make sure to always double-check the answers.

Bottom Line

TutorEva is a great math solver and better than paying for a private math tutor.

It shows you step-by-step answers to problems and if you still struggle with concepts, the app will pair you up with a human tutor up to three times a month who will be able to explain it in different ways.

This app is great value for money and is perfect for students who need math support.  


What is an AI Homework Helper?

An AI homework helper is a tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help students with their homework assignments. They provide step-by-step solutions, instant answers and explanations to questions, and personalized tutoring. 

AI homework helpers are a huge benefit to education. They not only save time for students but also make learning and retaining knowledge easier and more efficient. 

What Are The Benefits of Using AI Homework Helpers?

AI homework helpers can automate homework problem-solving, saving students valuable time and effort.

Instead of spending hours trying to solve difficult math problems or writing high-quality essays, students can rely on AI to provide them with accurate solutions and suggestions. 

Human tutors aren’t always as flexible and they can be much more expensive. If you have a homework problem, AI homework helpers can give you feedback and assistance straight away. 

What Are The Limitations of AI Homework Helpers?

AI tools may not cover all topics or subjects, limiting their usefulness in certain cases. 

AI homework helpers may sometimes provide incorrect or incomplete answers, especially when faced with complex questions.

It is important for students to use AI homework helpers as a tool for assistance rather than relying solely on them.


AI homework helpers offer personalized tutoring, automate problem-solving, and provide instant answers to questions. 

These tools use artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to cater to various subjects and homework tasks.

While AI homework helpers offer many benefits, it is important for students to use them as a tool for assistance and cross-checking the answers provided.

The future of AI homework helpers looks promising, with advancements in technology and machine learning.

AI homework helpers will continue to play a crucial role in enhancing student learning and saving time.

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