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AI-powered writing assistant that excels in creating high-quality, engaging content, with a long-form assistant feature

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AI-driven writing tool that streamlines content creation with versatile, user-friendly automated assistance.

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AI-driven content tool that enhances writing tasks with innovative marketing copy generation.

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Writing takes time and precious brain bandwidth. If you are like me, your time and thoughts are between family, friends, work, and more.

Where’s a writing tool when you need it?

AI essay writers are getting better all the time and can turbo boost your assignments and writing to the next level, quickly and easily.

AI tools for students are improving all the time and AI essay writers are no exception.

Check out the best ones below.

What Are the Best AI Essay Writers?

  1. Jasper – Top pick
  2. Rytr – Best for short-form content
  3. Writesonic – Best for marketing copy and product descriptions
  4. Essay-Builder.AI – Best for academic writing and research
  5. – Best for business content and branding
  6. Quillbot – Best for paraphrasing existing content
  7. ChatGPT – Best for conversational content and customer engagement

1. Jasper AI

best ai essay writers

Jasper AI is at the top of our list as the best AI writer. Jasper AI is an AI writing assistant that helps you expand your creative writing.

It uses algorithms and machine learning models to generate text, translate languages, and write different kinds of creative content.

Whether you are a design student or a freelance content writer, you can use Jasper to turn your notes into full essays with simple prompts.

Jasper is great for essay generation or revamping your rough draft. 

I like using Jasper to expand on my topics when I have writer’s block.

Key Benefits

Jasper AI offers a variety of features, including:

  • Quickly create different types of content, such as blog posts, social media posts, and website copy from over 50 different templates.
  • Create long-form content, such as ebooks and white papers.
  • Optimize existing content for SEO and readability.
  • Teams can use it to collaborate on content creation.
  • Jasper integrates with a variety of other tools, such as WordPress and Google Docs.


  • Can save you time and money on content creation
  • Can help you create high-quality content
  • Can help you improve your SEO
  • Easy to use
  • Offers a free trial


  • Can be expensive
  • It can sometimes generate inaccurate or irrelevant content
  • Not a replacement for human creativity

Bottom Line

Jasper AI is a leading AI tool that excels in generating creative content, answering questions, and generating essays.

I love that it offers over 50 content templates, and supports easy long-form content creation.

It saves me a ton of time and improves my content quality. Yes, it comes with a cost and may occasionally produce inaccurate or irrelevant content, but the pros greatly outweigh the cons. 

2. Rytr

Rytr is a one-stop shop for anyone needing to craft a well-put-together piece of writing.

Rytr can help you with your data-driven essay from the shelf life of beauty products to email and social media content for your new business.

That’s not to say your social media post should be more important than your essay!

Key Benefits

  • It saves you time and money. Rytr can help you generate content in a fraction of the time it would take to write it yourself.
  • It helps you overcome writer’s block. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas or get started on a writing project, Rytr can help you get past your block and come up with an essay topic. 
  • It can improve the quality of your writing. Rytr uses state-of-the-art language AI to generate high-quality content that is original, engaging, and grammatically correct.
  •  Rytr can be used for a wide range of writing tasks, from writing emails and blog posts to creating social media ads and product descriptions.


  • Increased Efficiency
  • A great Free AI Essay Writer
  • Improved Content Quality
  • Versatile


  • Can force you to rely on AI essay writing
  • Still have to do your research
  • There have been reports of bugs and glitches

Bottom Line

It’s great that Rytr is a comprehensive solution for crafting well-structured writing, covering essays, blog posts, emails, and social media content.

It saves a bunch of time and money, but what’s best about it is probably how well it aids in overcoming writer’s block.

This AI assistant tool is great at supporting various writing tasks, and offers a free option! 

In my opinion, Rytr is a top AI essay writer. 

3. Essay-Builder.AI

essay builder ai

Essay-Builder.AI is an online tool powered by artificial intelligence that aims to assist students in essay writing and content generation.

It claims to excel as an essay generator and offers a comprehensive writing tool and a wide range of features.

This is an essay writer designed for the student. 

Key Benefits

Just a few benefits that you will notice right away: 

  • Saves time and effort compared to writing an essay from scratch.
  • Can provide a starting point or outline for ideas and structure.
  • May help overcome writer’s block and get past initial hurdles.


  • Effortless and Time-Saving
  • Idea Generation and Outlining
  • Free Basic Plan


  • Possible Lack of Originality and Critical Thinking
  • Might have incorrect information
  • Not developing academic writing skills. 
  • Academic restrictions

Bottom Line

Essay-Builder.AI is an AI-powered online tool specifically tailored for students. If you are a student looking for the best AI writing tools, this one needs to be on your list.

I appreciate how it excels in essay generation and offers a comprehensive writing tool. It saves time and effort, provides a starting point for ideas, and helps overcome writer’s block. 

4. Writesonic


Writesonic is a complete AI-powered content creation platform that helps you with a variety of writing tasks.

What I like about it is that you can tailor your entire article right up front. From voice, style, content, and length. 

Key Benefits

  • Increased productivity and efficiency: Generate content fast, freeing up time for other tasks, like more studying…
  • Improved content quality: Write well-structured, engaging content with good grammar and clarity. Hello A+!
  • Overcome writer’s block: Get ideas and inspiration for your writing projects.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide variety of content formats
  • Affordable pricing (Free)
  • Positive user reviews


  • Need to do your own research
  • Learning curve to work with the AI program
  • Limited integrations compared to some competitors.

Bottom Line

Writesonic is a comprehensive AI-powered content creation platform offering tailored article customization upfront. It enhances productivity and efficiency by generating content quickly, improves content quality for your academic success, and helps overcome writer’s block.

I appreciate that the free version is suitable for essay writing, making it an affordable option for any student on a budget.

You will notice its user-friendly interface after just a few moments of using the advanced AI tool. That’s a big plus in my book!

5. is focused more on business, but I still thought it worth highlighting here because of its ability to create written content for you. 

Key Features

  • Generate various marketing and sales copy formats like ads, product descriptions, landing pages, email campaigns, and blog post intros.
  • Over 90 pre-built templates to jumpstart your writing process.
  • Generate custom content for any purpose with specific input and prompts.
  • Create targeted content based on preferences.
  • Create long-form essays in a few clicks.


  • User-friendly interface: Easy to learn and use even for non-technical users.
  • Freestyle option for flexibility
  • Free plan available


  • Generated content may require editing for accuracy and tone.
  • The learning curve for advanced features like Freestyle mode requires practice to master.
  • Pro plan can be expensive compared to other AI writing tools.

Bottom Line

Yes, is a business-focused AI tool with versatile copywriting features, offering tools for marketing and sales copy, and content templates, but its worth noting on here for its freestyle writing, personalization, and long-form content creation.

And it comes with a free plan!

If you are in the market for a writing tool, then you should really give a look. 

6. Quillbot

Quillbot is a great essay-writing tool and excels in rewriting and paraphrasing content.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly paraphrase text without writing from scratch.
  • Make your writing more readable and engaging.
  • Find alternative wordings and explore different writing styles.
  • Get inspiration and jumpstart your writing process.
  • Paraphrase sources for research papers while avoiding plagiarism


  • User-friendly interface
  • Variety of paraphrasing options
  • Free plan available
  • Positive user reviews


  • AI limitations
  • Creativity concerns
  • Academic requirements
  • Limited features in the free plan

Bottom Line

Quillbot excels in rewriting and paraphrasing content. I think it’s a great essay-writing tool. It saves me time and effort by quickly paraphrasing text and improves writing clarity and flow.

I seriously love the rephrasing feature for when I feel like my content needs a little polish. 

7. ChatGPT


ChatGPT is a powerful language model known for its ability to generate creative text formats and engage in conversations. Most people will have heard of this one but in case you haven’t…

When it comes to writing essays, ChatGPT like many essay writing tools, offers so many benefits in education as well as limitations.

Key Benefits

  • Overcoming Writer’s Block: ChatGPT can break through creative deadlocks and spark new ideas for your essay.
  • Enhancing Fluency and Readability: It can suggest alternative wordings and improve sentence structure to make your writing flow better.
  • Saving Time and Effort: Drafting initial essay parts or generating outlines can save you time and effort in the writing process.
  • Research Support: It can help you find relevant sources and generate summaries of research material.


  • Can be used for various essay types and writing styles.
  • Interaction is simple and intuitive, even for non-technical users.
  • OpenAI actively improves ChatGPT’s capabilities, including factual accuracy and writing quality.


  • Generated content may lack originality, critical thinking, and proper academic format.
  • ChatGPT output is not plagiarism-free. You need to analyze and rewrite the content with your insights and understanding.
  • The factual accuracy of generated information is not guaranteed. Thorough research and verification are crucial.
  • Overreliance Concerns: Excessive dependence on ChatGPT can hinder your writing.

Bottom Line

ChatGPT can be a valuable tool for essay writing, providing assistance in generating ideas, refining content, and overcoming writer’s block. 

I love how easy it is to use Chatgpt to brainstorm and help me with coming up with ideas.  The free version is really robust and easy to use. 

You can get an essay outline with a few prompts to save you a ton of time. You can also tell it to write full essays, but you have to be mindful of academic integrity in your essay. 


What Is An AI Essay Writer?

An AI essay writer can generate an essay with a short prompt and a click of a mouse.

These AI writers are programmed to understand the topic or prompt provided and can produce coherent and well-structured essays on a variety of subjects. They can conduct research, analyze information, and generate original written content, making them a useful tool for students looking to create high-quality written material.

You just need to be careful that your research is on par and be mindful of plagiarism. 

While they are not without limitations, such as potential biases or lack of creativity, AI essay writers are increasingly being used to streamline the writing process and provide valuable assistance with content creation.

How Can AI Essay Writers Benefit You?

Time and effort!

They can save you a significant amount of time and effort by generating high-quality essays in a fraction of the time it would take you to write one. 

This can be especially beneficial for students who are overwhelmed with assignments and deadlines. AI essay writers can provide a fresh perspective and innovative ideas, as they are programmed to analyze vast amounts of data and create unique, well-structured content. 

AI essay writers are also available 24/7, allowing you to access their services at any time of day or night. 

Buyers Guide: How We Conducted Our Research

When doing our research to find the best product, we determined using these factors:

  • Pricing: How much did each product cost
  • Features: What were the best features of each product?
  • Negatives: What was missing from each product


AI essay writers are going to help anyone looking to speed up their writing, improve their writing quality, a tool for education, and add a new perspective to their essays. Next time you are in a bind for time, you need to consider an AI essay writing tool. 

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