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AI scholars

Inspirit AI Scholars Program

An online program for high school students to learn about AI and develop projects

Best For Older Kids


An online school that offers a wide range of live AI classes for children aged 5-18

Best For Younger Kids

Coco Coders logo

Coco Coders

Provides live classes for kids ages 6 – 12, focusing on coding skills that can be used for AI. 

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Artificial Intelligence is already a part of daily life whether you know it or not, like it or not.

Kids need a super-charged AI education to keep up with the fast-paced technology.  

Are you also looking to give your kids a foundation in AI?

No problem. 

I have compiled the best AI classes for kids right now in the article below

Whether your kid is just starting out in elementary school or preparing for college, read about the best AI classes for them to get started. 

What Are The Best AI Classes For Kids?

  1. Inspirit AI – Our top pick
  2. ITGENIO – Best for older kids
  3. Coco Coders – Best for elementary school students
  4. Codakid – Best for middle school students
  5. Outschool – Best for variety
  6. Create & Learn – Best for budding computer scientists
  7. Udemy – Best for budget
  8. AIClub – Best for teachers
  9. Great Learning – Best for non-coders

1. Inspirit AI Scholars

inspitir AI. best AI classes for kids


This course is the number one for all of those who want their college application to stand out.

Inspirit AI Scholars is an online course for high school students to learn about AI and develop projects. The teachers are awesome, and being alumni from Stanford and MIT, they may potentially give you a written recommendation for your application (I didn’t tell you that!!)

This course is for all of those who want to use AI in some way to help you do things more efficiently, whether you are in tech, healthcare, education or even law.

Key benefits

  • Includes foundational AI concepts, real-world applications, and programming skills, as well as an AI For Social Good project
  • 10 intensive class sessions (over 25 hours), with weekday and weekend options. Student to instructor ratio is 6:1.
  • The school offers discretionary need-based scholarships, making it accessible for all kids out there.


  • Provides a solid basis for AI education, including learning about machine-learning models, neural networks, and AI-powered devices. 
  • Tutors will also act as mentors for college applications and career paths. 
  • The school offers college preparation, including workshops and recommendation letters.
  • Teaches how to apply AI to students’ preferred career paths and interests.
  • Timings for classes are flexible and are offered at all times of day, making it accessible to a global student base.


  • The program may be considered expensive for some families. The premium price is attributed to not only teaching kids about AI but also preparing students for college and beyond.
  • Limited information is available about the acceptance rate and selection criteria for the courses and the scholarships.

Bottom Line

The Inspirit AI Scholars program is aimed at kids who are serious about AI education.

The course is comprehensive, but also very intense, with each class lasting 2.5 hours long.

With so many jobs of the future requiring AI-related skills, kids can boost their college applications by demonstrating their projects from the course and potentially strong references from alumni for their preferred college.

The Inspirit AI Scholar program is a  worthwhile investment for students who are looking at using AI for college and their future careers. 




ITGENIO is an online school that offers a wide range of live AI classes for kids aged 5-18.

The courses teach children about AI through various coding languages including Scratch, Javascript, Roblox, and Python.

What I love about ITGENIO is that it is super flexible. If your kids aren’t happy with their enrolled course, they can either switch to another for free or get a full refund. 

You can choose to be in a group or splash out on private classes. Either way, you can try before you buy to make sure it’s worth it.

Key Benefits

  • Only outstanding reviews from parents and students.
  • Ability to choose a day and time that suits your family.
  • Interactive learning and study achievements to keep students engaged.


  • Options to bulk buy classes at discounted prices.
  • Fun and interactive project-based learning guided by experienced tutors.
  • Parents receive progress reports throughout their child’s course.
  • Wide variety of AI classes for kids to choose from.
  • Meets the requirements of kids at all school ages.
  • Kids create their own projects which will help your child to learn through doing.


  • Kids require basic PC skills, so total beginners require training beforehand.
  • 1-hour classes may be too long for younger kids to stay engaged.
  • The classes with 6 students may be too large for kids who need more attention. 

Bottom Line

I love ITGENIO because there is not one bad review – isn’t that saying something for fussy parents?! 

The classes are good value for money and become cheaper if you bulk buy.

ITGENIO is a great choice for all families with its flexible pricing plans and class times.  

3. Coco Coders


Coco Coders provides live classes for kids ages 6 – 12, focusing on coding skills that can be used for AI. 

Your kids will never get bored because each month there’s a new project where kids learn by repetition through games.

Kids will be placed in a cohort with similar ages and abilities so that they can thrive in a fun and interactive environment.

Key Benefits

  • Small group setting encourages collaboration and teamwork.
  • Projects foster problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.
  • Lessons are tailored to each kid’s progress and challenge level.
  • Experiences and vetted teachers proved personalized attention.


  • Children build literacy in coding languages through repetition, helping kids to master core concepts. 
  • Flexible pay-as-you-go subscription where you can cancel at any time.
  • You can get a recording if your kid misses a class and pause the subscription for up to 2 months.
  • Younger students start with block-based coding platforms, like Scratch, which is perfect for beginners.
  • Older kids code with text-based platforms, such as Javascript or Python, which is great in tandem with school subjects like math.


  • The four-week cycle means that you have to enroll the month before. If you decide you want to join the course early on in the month, your kid will have to wait almost a month to start learning. 
  • Pay by month rather than by the number of classes, not giving flexibility like other courses. 
  • Without assignments between classes, kids may not have the reinforcement to remember what they learned in previous classes.  

Bottom Line

The small class sizes for younger kids mean that they will get the attention they need as well as interact with all the students on the course.

I think it’s great that with each additional month of learning, kids will gain a better understanding of how to code through repeating fundamentals.

Coco Coders is great for younger kids new to coding languages used for AI.

Give a month a go for 50% off here: 

4. CodaKid



CodaKid is an online platform offering coding courses for kids integrating coding with game design.

There are really well-rounded courses in the most sought-after programming languages used in AI technology like Scratch, Roblox, and Python.

I think CodaKid is perfect for beginners who plan to be in it for the long haul.

Key Benefits

  • Suitable for kids aged 6 – 18. No prior coding experience is needed. 
  • Integration of coding with game design makes learning engaging for kids.
  • Monthly subscriptions to both self-paced study and private lessons. Pay monthly or annually. Cancel at any time. 


  • Connects coding to popular games like Minecraft and Roblox. 
  • Students receive weekly assignments and parents get sent progress reports. 
  • There are a variety of programming languages and projects are offered for different ages. 
  • With a private tutor, students can go at their own pace and have a personalized class to their ability. 
  • Prompt and helpful customer support is available.
  • Unlimited access to all courses lets kids explore different programming languages at their own pace.


  • The private classes are reflected in the price. This is a more expensive option for those who need more one-on-one attention.
  • Courses based on licensed games like Minecraft and Roblox have limitations on creating new content.
  • Mobile and tablet learning options are limited, with the majority of courses requiring a laptop. 

Bottom Line

Codakid is a valuable platform for teaching AI classes for kids through game design.

Kids can interactively learn about AI through the most popular games out there like Minecraft.

Self-paced study and private classes cater to all families depending on how much attention a kid needs or how much a family can afford.

5. Outschool’s Artificial Intelligence courses



Outschool is a virtual teaching platform offering soooooo many different types of live classes for kids. 

There are some pretty interesting classes including Intro to ChatGPT, Create Your Own Fairy Tales With Pictures Using AI to Scratch 3.0.  There’s definitely something in Outschool for any level at any school age.

Super flexible, super affordable…it’s a great place to start with AI classes.

Key benefits

  • The choice is amazing. Outschool has a wide range of AI topics, course lengths, and prices to suit any child interested in AI.
  • Many of the classes are super affordable starting as little as $5 / class. 


  • New courses are being added all the time so that kids can learn the most up-to-date information on such a fast-moving technology. 
  • Many of the courses show kids how to use AI in their everyday life, including schoolwork and studying, without needing to learn to code. 
  • Transparent teacher reviews help kids and parents make informed decisions about classes.
  • There is so much to choose from in terms of affordability.


  • The wide variety also means there is a lack of consistency. Not all teachers meet expectations, so it’s important to read the course reviews beforehand. 
  • Many of the courses are time-limited or one-offs. Kids may not be able to do the course they want because it isn’t at a convenient time. 
  • Some of the class sizes are large and more introverted kids may get lost or not receive the attention they need. 

Bottom Line

Outschool’s unique selling point is its variety. There is a class out there to appeal to most kids wanting to start learning about artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The topics are more suited to kids who want an introduction rather than an in-depth technical AI course.

Many of the courses don’t teach coding but rather teach how to use AI platforms like ChatGPT for homework and schooling.

6. Create & Learn


Create & Learn is an online platform that offers the perfect classes who want extra attention. It includes live, small-group coding and AI classes for kids ages 5 – 18. 

Create & Learn courses are totally geared toward AI technical learning and focus on programming languages such as Scratch, Python, and JavaScript, as well as topics like artificial intelligence, data science, robotics, and game development.

Key Benefits

  • Offers both visual and written coding options for different age groups.
  • Provides fun and practical coding projects that enhance real-world applicable skills.
  • Helps students transition from visual (eg. Scratch) to written coding (eg. Python), bridging the gap effectively.


  • Create & Learn give you the flexibility to either buy a course or buy credits.
  • Group and private classes, and camps are available.
  • Friends can club together and make their own private classes for a discounted price. 
  • Free trials are available. Courses need to be paid for in full (rather than by class or monthly). 
  • Offers a wide range of courses beyond coding, introducing students to cutting-edge concepts in artificial intelligence.
  • Classes are small, allowing for personalized attention and tailored instruction.


  • Many of the classes are technical coding classes, so beginner kids and parents may find it difficult to know which course to choose. 
  • Younger students may find the duration of the classes too long to sit through.
  • Some courses have prerequisites, limiting the flexibility for novice students.

Bottom Line

Create & Learn is a highly recommended platform for students interested in learning coding and computer science.

It offers a comprehensive curriculum, engaging projects, and personalized instruction.

The platform’s focus on project-based learning and bridging the gap between visual and written coding sets it apart from other AI classes for kids.

7. Udemy



Udemy is an online course platform offering courses in every category for all ages, including AI classes for kids.

There are some interesting courses including Artificial Intelligence for Kids, Scratch Games Coding, and Real-World Programming for Kids with Python. These change all the time and new courses are uploaded constantly which means there is always something to choose.

Udemy is a great place for your kids to start off with AI classes.


  • Full courses from $15 making it accessible to everyone who wants to get started. 
  • No age guide is provided, however many of the courses are aimed at age 7+. 
  • Lifetime access to courses means that your kid can revisit the course over and over again. 


  • Many of the courses have supporting downloadable resources.
  • New courses are added all the time to the site.
  • The low price may allow some families to purchase new multiple courses at once. 
  • Transparent reviews on all of the courses.


  • Courses are not live, so kids will not receive the same level of support as live class courses. 
  • Kids will need the motivation to run through the courses independently, or with the help of a parent. Some families may not have the capacity to do this. 
  • The variety of courses means there is also varying quality of courses and teachers, which need to be checked with the reviews. 

Bottom Line

Udemy offers a wide range of AI classes for kids. With courses ranging in length, there is flexibility in the amount of time a kid can commit to the courses.

Transparent reviews provide helpful insights for course selection. The affordable pricing for lifetime access enables students to revisit their chosen subject.

Overall, Udemy is a great way to get started with AI and coding, without having to make a huge upfront time and financial investment. 

8. AIClub


AIClub offers a range of courses that help students understand the basics of how AI works. 

They are specifically focused on AI education so they have a real specialism in this area and are perfect for those kids who want to take a deeper dive.

Key Benefits

  • The curriculum is created and taught by experienced PhDs from renowned universities.
  • The classes have self-paced options, so kids who need to go at a slower pace are able to. 
  • Caters to individual skill levels and offers personalized recommendations. 1:1 mentoring is also available.


  • Access to a vast collection of resources for both parents and students.
  • Positive feedback from students, parents, and teachers
  • The courses are taught live online by tutors who can be asked questions outside of the classes through AIClub’s Slack system. 
  • Each course includes a custom project, allowing students to continually add to their portfolio.


  • Prerequisites may exclude students from some courses who are total beginners. 
  • All courses are Pacific Time, which may not work for some students.
  • Some of the courses are expensive reflecting the expertise required to teach the material, especially for the Tensorflow and Natural Language Processing courses. 

Bottom Line

AIClub’s courses are fully AI-focused, so students are given the opportunity to see how AI is applied in the real world.

The live online classes offer flexibility for students to learn at their own pace, and personalized recommendations and 1:1 mentoring enhance the learning experience.

Some courses come with a higher price tag due to the advanced expertise required. AIClub is perfect for students and educators who want a more in-depth AI-based education. 

9. Great Learning Applications of Artificial Intelligence Course

great learning


Great Learning is based in India for a global audience, designed for ages 14 to 19.

They provide a 3-month program with project-based learning for real-life AI applications making it perfect for those considering a career in AI.

Key Benefits

  • Industry-relevant curriculum designed by experienced AI professionals.
  • Weekly quizzes and fun exercises to enhance learning.


  • Weekly online mentorship sessions, with 50+ hours of content to learn throughout the course. 
  • Includes quizzes, exercises, and curated AI demonstrations.
  • No coding experience is required. 
  • Access to mentors throughout the course who will check progress and answer questions
  • The school partners with top-tier American colleges including MIT, Texas McCombs, and the University of Arizona. 
  • Great reviews from students and alumni. 


  • The content is self-taught rather than live lessons, so it requires self-motivation to cover the course material.
  • Courses are paid in Indian Rupees which may fluctuate based on your own currency. 

Bottom Line

The Applications of Artificial Intelligence Program offers an industry-relevant curriculum created by experienced AI professionals, ensuring high-quality education.

Students can engage in weekly quizzes, fun exercises, and curated AI demonstrations to enhance their learning experience.

Great Learning equips students with valuable skills and knowledge in AI, preparing them for the ever-growing demands of the industry.


What Are AI Classes For Kids?

AI Classes for Kids are online courses that teach kids about AI in an age-appropriate way.

Artificial Intelligence is a type of computer science where machines are designed to have human intelligence and learn like you and me.  

AI is endless and its application is only growing, so it’s essential for our kids to learn about AI and make the most of it

Just look at these statistics on machine learning – it’s mind-boggling how much artificial intelligence improves efficiency and income for individuals and businesses. 

Do my kids need to be able to code? 

It depends. Some of the courses have prerequisites, but many are for complete beginners to coding. Choose a course that is right for your kid’s ability and age. 

A Parent’s Guide: How We Conducted Our Research

When doing our research to find the best artificial intelligence learning for kids, we looked at these factors:

  • Pricing: the cost of each program and the value for money. We have not included the prices within the article as these are subject to change. 
  • Flexibility and timings: Busy families need flexibility. We have highlighted which courses are more rigid vs. total flexibility
  • Negatives: the downsides to each of the courses
  • Support: we looked at whether they were live or self-taught, which can have implications for the quality of classes and motivation to learn. 


Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of our lives, and children must have a strong AI education.

The courses range from machine learning and AI coding to understanding the applications of AI.

Whether your child is in elementary school or high school, there’s a course suitable for them. Our top pick is the Inspirit AI Scholars Program because it teaches kids how they can apply AI to ANY career and make them more successful.

Each course has its pros and cons, so you can choose the one that best fits your child’s needs.

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